Kiddiekakes Custom Cake Design - Busy Bakin Kakes for Kids!!
Cake Prices
(subject to change without notice)

Cake prices start at $100.00 and up for a basic 8 inch double layer round cake to feed 12-15 people..Tiered Buttercream cakes start at$200.00 and $280.00 and up for fondant to feed 25-30 people.

Slab Cakes

9x13 slab cake....feeds 25...$110.00
11x15 slab cake...feeds 40...$140.00
13x18 slab cake...feeds 55. $175.00

3D/2D Cakes

Prices start at $180.00 and up for 2D/3D
(Depending on design and serving amounts)

Cupcake Cakes
20 piece...$80.00
30 piece...$110.00
40 piece...$140.00
(Basic Buttercream design, fondant/flowers or chocolate embellishments are extra)

Individual cupcakes

$3.00 each basic Buttercream swirl..
$4.00 each with any embellishments
$5.00 and up fondant covered
(Depending on design)
(minimum of 24 unless ordered in conjunction with a larger cake)

Tiered Cakes

Double layer (two-2 inch layers iced together) starts at $200.00 (buttercream) and up (depending on design and serving amounts). Fondant covered cakes start at $280.00 and up depending on the design/style and details.

Mini cake and Cupcakes

6 inch round Double layer mini cake and 8 cupcakes...feeds 16.....starts at $90.00 
(higher price depending on design & detail)

8 inch round Double layer Centre cake and 8 cupcakes...feeds 23.....starts at $110.00
(higher price depending on design & detail)

Baby Smash cakes
6 inch double layer buttercream iced   start at  $50.00 depending on design...More if there is fondant and more details.

***Please note***
All cakes are quoted in Buttercream icing unless customer has specifically asked or sent a picture for a fondant cake...Prices vary from design/style and serving amounts...